You can never have enough guitars

Fender Mustang Micro – Classical Amp in Your Pocket

The Fender Mustang Micro Introduction Look what I have got! Fender Mustang Micro is amazing. I know it’s not a new thing  – mini amplifiers. But this one is definitely the coolest one. It’s like the full-sized mustang.  But all magical mustang features are packed in a small piece of plastic! You can use it […]

DIY Electric Guitar Kit Solo TCK-1M

I found a very interesting guitar kit Solo TCK-1M DIY Electric Guitar. Most affordable quality kit. This DIY Guitar Kit has everything you need for building your own custom Electric Guitar.   All the wood cutting, drilling, and shaping have already been done professionally by our factory staff.   This kit will require some basic […]

Go Wireless!

Go wireless with this Getaria 2.4GHZ Wireless Guitar System Built-in Rechargeable Lithium Battery Digital Transmitter Receiver for Electric Guitar Bass (Black)! Wireless transmitter & receiver set designed for electronic music instruments like guitar, bass, etc. 2.4G uncompressed wireless signal transmission, low noise and latency, the effective range is about 30 meters. Supports 6 sets of […]