Electrifying Gretch Alligator G9240.

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I decided to use the Schatten NR-2 Player National Style Biscuit Bridge Pickup. It comes with the jack already attached. So it will less work to do. 


H929. Finally!

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Finally. After years of hesitations, I have got this iconic instrument. A nice Stella Harmony H929. The year of 1955.


Happiness exists! Cheap and easy way to make a magnetic pickup.

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In one of my previous related posts DIY Pickup in 4 Easy Steps. I was explaining how I make the magnetic pickup from the sewing bobbin and a copper coil of a transformer.
Oh, and the neodymium headphone element ofcourse.
It was including the winding with the use of the ordinary drill.
Well. No more winding!
No more hassle with disassembling the transformers and cracking the old headphones!
The fast and easy way to make a magnetic pickup is as follows:

1. Transformer: take it but not break it.

According to many other reports the best choice is 110/12 VAC transformer.
If you cant find the transformer itself you can find any old power supply/charger for any electronic device.

2. Neodymium magnetic element.

Not necessarily neodymium one.
But to my experience the neodymium is the most effective and cheap magnet you can find.
More magnets you can set up more strong signal from your magnetic pickup will you get.
Q.: Where can I get the neodymium magnet?
A.: I’d suggest the same source as in “DIY Pickup in 4 Easy Steps.” post: the old broken headphones.

Harmony Stella S1204. A Blast from the Past.


Harmony Stella H1204 H933)Since I’m not North American born there’s no wonder that I’ve never heard about Stella guitars before.
It was quite a revelation for me.
The guy on Youtube.com had explained it. And it’s as genius as it’s so obvious.

Cigar Box Guitar: Nice Looking vs. Ugly but Working.

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Few weeks ago there was some interesting discussion in the FB group “Cigar Box Guitar Builders”.
Someone started it with the statement, kind of: “I don’t like the idea of using any expensive guitar parts on cigar box guitars.
Because there were no expensive parts at the times when first CBGs had been created.
And the creators never had money for these parts. As well as for real instruments.
Actually this was the point and main reason why cigar box guitars have been appeared on the edge of 19th and 20th centuries.

I personally have mixed feelings about this subject.
On one side I like to browse the eBay for really cheap “Made in China” pickups (I remember I bought the standard single coil pickup for just $0.99, free shipping. And it worked well).
And it’s an amazing feeling: it looks like a box but sounds like a real electric guitar.
And I believe that it can be a real fun: volume control, tone control, pickups switch etc.
I myself have built one and I like it:
P-Bass Cigar Box Guitar

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