RockStand for 7 guitars: a real space saver.

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Rockstand 7
It took me a couple of years to figure out what I’m missing in my basement.
The right guitar stand. Imagine you are practicing and want to switch the instrument? Right. You have to go to another corner to find the right bag, to open it, to get another guitar, to put the previous one back in place safely…

Well. And it took me another year to find the right solution.

Finally I did it! “Rockstand” stand for 7 guitars!

And while I have already around 15 guitars (Strange, never can figure out how many exactly do I have) it’s more than enough to have 7 instruments right by your hand.Stupid, but I’m feeling happy. :)


P-Bass Cigar Box Guitar [2]

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This is my second Cigar Box guitar.
The First One was made few years ago. And all this time I was hoping to find some time for another better version.
P-Bass Cigar Box Guitar
This time I wanted to get real fat and nasty sound from it. So I decided to try the bass pickups. I even reproduced the electrical circuit of the Precision Bass. Well, with “Made in China” parts of course. :) And I have to admit: the sound is really fat. But not as “nasty” as it was expected.
No problem. I just need to play with distortion effects and it will work sooner or later.

The “Blood Red” Telecaster Guitar Project: closer to the results.

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Finally I’ve got some time to describe how this “tele” guitar project is going so far.
I didn’t expect that everything will go smoothly.
Well and I was right!
Red Telecaster Clone Guitar
It is always a challenge when you are trying to put together some random parts from different projects. Which were just collecting the dust in your cabinets.
But from the other hand it’s a great learning experience. You have to find the solutions here and there what helps to boost your creativity.
And after all, I have said to myself: “OK. Let it be another Telecaster project. No matter if it ends up as a lovely instrument or just a nice wall decoration”.
You may track the progress of this project on the dedicated page:
“Blood Red” Telecaster Clone

The main challenges were the pickup cavities depth and the positioning the neck against the guitar body.
But please feel free to read the details on the page if you find it interesting.

Cigar Box Guitar Neck: which sort of the wood?

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Hi_there.. I’m starting another project. This time it will be CBG – Cigar Box guitar.
Why CBG?

Cigar Box fro Honduras

Cigar Box

Honestly I’ve found myself got tired of making the endless clones of the famous brands, mostly Fender Stratocaster or Fender Telecaster.
there are 2 lessons I’ve got from this experience:
1. Once you build another clone it has not enough personality.
It still will be Strat or Tele. No matter what color or parts you choose.
2. You will NEVER build really COOL guitar clone if you are a hobbyist like me.
You have to have very expensive equipment and tools (and LOTS of your time!) to make it really valuable instrument.
It is possible if you choose the making of the guitars as your business.
But this is certainly NOT my path.

And the last statement before I switch to the subject.
The CBG is your creature “from head to toe”.
The sky is the limit to your creativity!
Just google the “cigar box guitar” to get an idea of the variety in this world.

So I’ve bought very nice Hondurasian cigar box strong enough to be a future CBG. Only $5. :)

And now about the neck.
As we all know the maple is always the best choice for the guitar neck. But before making this choice ask yourself: do you have REALLY good tools to work with the maple?
Don’t do the same mistake as I once did. The maple is a hell to work with! Of course, if you dont have the right tools.
Well, when I had failed with the maple I decided to go with pine.
It’s really “easy to work on”.

That’s what I’ve got from it.
Don’t repeat my SECOND mistake. The pine is TOO SOFT.

Poplar CBG neck.

CBG Neck from poplar

So, after some research and consideration I’ve found that
the most suitable wood in my case is a POPLAR.
It is strong enough not to bend under the strings tension.
And at the same time it’s quite easy to work with.

“Blood Red” Telecaster Clone.

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Happy New year to all!
New year demands new moves to the new projects.
So I have pushed myself to work on the new Tele project.
I have named it as “Blood Red” just because I was able to find the body of that color made by the local luthier.
As I stated in my previous post I decided to stop the “RedNeck Tele” project. Just because the parts used in are too good to the be on that crappy box.
So this project is another “spare parts” project.
The first step is obviously the installation of the neck on the new body.
"Blood Red" Telecaster

Few words about the neck.
I’ve purchased it a couple of years ago on eBay for $40. China.

Every went smoothly. I think it’s because all parts: body, neck and screws were respecting the known Tele standards.
Next step will be the drilling. I think.

“RedNeck Telecaster” Or Red Blood Tele?

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Some time ago I wanted to make a (friendly) joke on the Tele guitars.Redneck Tele Guitar
I had TOO many leftovers from the Tele project.
So I decided to make the “RedNeck Tele” project.

Which meant some sort of mixture between the famous “Tele” thing and sort of the Cigar Box Guitar.
And it was almost accomplished when my family members started to beg: “It’s so many good parts! And you want to wast it on such infamous body?”
Well, I felt really ashamed. That’s why this project was stuck for a long time.
The only missing part in this project was the right body as I wanted to use some sort of the “cigar box”.
So I started to search on eBay for some kind of an affordable body.
And here it is coming!
The beautiful Blood Red Tele Replacement body!

I have found it on the eBay. But the seller appears to be in my close neighborhood!
So I’m going tomorrow to pick up the item.
I’ll keep you posted on this project update.
So stay in touch

Bye, Amigo! Travel guitar ends up on the wall.

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I swear I did my best to make this travel guitar sound.Amigo Travel guitar
And it never worked out. It’s sad.
Because I was always wanting to have a small handy instrument which I can keep in the trunk of my car or in the travel.
The Amigo Travel Guitar was promising. I have purchased it on eBay.
And it truly has nice look, good materials and satisfactory sound.
But. Whatever I tried I could not tune it so it can be playable instrument.

First, the saddle was too high.
I’ve sanded it as much as I could. and it still was not low enough.
Next step could be modifying the lower bridge.
But before doing that I was trying to fix the nut on the neck.
It didn’t help neither.
When I was able to tune it on the first 3 frets it was a disaster on the 5-7 frets and vice versa.
And what was surprising the 12th fret harmonics were matching the 12 fret tone!

So after several desperate attempts to fix it I finally had to give up.
At least it looks nice on the wall.

So here’s the resume of this story:
Be extremely careful while buying unknown brands on the eBay!
Because technically this travel guitar was not damaged and fairly cheap (under $100), so I had not enough arguments to return it.
On the other hand you know what to expect when you buy on the eBay the well known brand. From this point you are more protected.
For example, my first purchase on the eBay was Regal RD40 resonator guitar. And I’m still loving it very much.
It is relatively cheap but very well done and sweet sounding instrument.

Yes! P-Bass Stomp Box Has Been Arrived!

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I did it!
In my previous article I was sharing my impression on the creativity of some guys who invented the way to use the P-Bass pickups as a sound transferring device in the foot drum stomp boxes.
I was so exited about this novelty instrument that decided to make my own thing.

1. The first thing I had to decide is where can I get a P-Bass pickups.
Believe it or not it was,,, Right it was an item on eBay.
$6.5 including shipping from China.

2. The box itself.
That was pretty easy. I always have few spare cigar boxes.
I collect them for some CBG projects like this one.
And again the most suitable box is a Cohiba cigar box.

Primarily I had a crazy idea to set up the full P-Bass wiring including the Volume and Tone controls.
But later I decided that it will be a bit of overhead for such a small box that I currently have.
Moreover, there is a lot of controls that I already have on my amp.
But probably I will do another one later when I’ll have suitable and big enough box for that.

So here you go. My very own Cigar P-Bass Stomp Box.

More detailes on this on this project page

Pbass Stomp Box?!

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And again about stomp boxes AKA foot drums.
In my previous article I have shared my experience of making the stomp box.
The one in this article was made from the Cohiba small cigar box and the piezo transducer.

Of course, there is a lot of different types of the stomp boxes in the Universe.
They differ by the shape and size but the most important element which makes the amplification is usually about the same:
it’s either piezo transducer or microphone.

I don’t want to describe here the process of getting the better stomp sound.
I tried a mic and it didn’t work so well.

  1. I had to put the piezo dumped with the packing foam.
  2. But the main thing which did the trick was …. bass guitar amplifier! In my case it was SWR LA-10.

So with solving these two critical issues I’ve got quite satisfactory result.

But if you stick to piezo you always have to struggle with the feedback sound effect. More or less.

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

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Punch your own picks!

This post is about some funny device.DIY Guitar Pumch in Use
Well, maybe not just funny but also useful in some extremal situations.
Guitar picks are just small pieces of plastic.

And let’s admit it, it’s very easy to lose them.
Moreover, it usually happens right at the moment when you really need it (impros, jams, parties).
Good news from ThinkGeek: if you have a
DIY Guitar Pick Punch
, you’ll never be without a guitar pick again.

DIY Pick Playing
Insert the material you want a pick out of into the
DIY Guitar Pick Punch
, and squeeze it.
Make them out of expired credit cards, those grocery store discount cards, packaging material etc.!
Keep a
DIY Guitar Pick Punch
in your guitar case, and you’ll never be without a pick again.

  • Pick Dimensions: as a 351 style picks – 1.1875″ x 1.0625″
  • Punch Dimensions: 6″ x 1.25″ x 4.25″


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