Any Future Blues Stringers Around?

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I’ve found some interesting resources for guitar players-beginners while doing some online research.
For example, this one looks very promising:
guitar lesson
Guitar Lessons by JamoRama

Looks like they have proven success history.

They also provide free introductory lesson. So anyone interested can try before buy.
Of course this is not one and only place for this type of lessons.
I saw many of them. And hopefully later I will add a dedicated page with the online guitar lessons reviews.
But this one I selected to start with.
Please don’t be shy to report any complaints or testimonials.
Any of your feedback will be highly appreciated.
Thank you and have eternal fun!

Hohner Steinberger.

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I always have a thrill or goosebumps when I see something real small but working.
It follows me since my childhood when I was dreaming about my toy machines working as real ones.

Look, isn’t it a beauty?

I cannot afford it right now. So I’ll put it in my personal Wish List.

Escape MK II Nylon.

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I had two different guitars in my wish list:
Firstly it’s an acoustic classic guitar. I have owned one long time ago. I was still missing it and that special feeling of the nylon softness under your finger tips…
The second was a guitar which I can take anywhere I go. Yes, you got it right, a traveler type guitar.
These both dreams comes true today. Surprisingly, as a beautiful occasion.
Please meet: Escape MK II Nylon.

It’s a full-scale acoustic-electric classical travel guitar.
It has Custom L.R. Baggs pickup.
You can plug headphones directly into the guitar.

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“Accidental” project.

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This project was started “accidentally” and then completed miraculously.
I had some “leftovers” from my Tele project as I was upgrading some parts from the original package.

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Saga TC-10 “Tele” Project

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This project has been started from the idea to have very own GOOD guitar.
For this idea I bought the Saga TC-10 guitar kit on the eBay.

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