DIY Gears: Stomp Box.

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Everybody have heard about such thing as “one-man-band”. Right?

It’s when one man plays few instruments simultaneously.
There are 2 most popular accompanying instruments when you play guitar: harmonica and drum.

Well, some sort of drum. It could be just an empty packing box or real foot drum depending on your budget.
Or an /stomp-box/”>/stomp-box/”>stomp boxes was during the concert of Harry Manx, Canadian blues singer and songwriter who uses Indian ragas in amazing mixture with American blues and traditional music.
It was a small wooden box tapped by performers foot. The brand is Australian Ellis Guitars

So, after some thorough research with Google I decided to try to make my own /stomp-box/”>Take a look what I’ve got

Martin vs. Taylor


Martin and Taylor look like two acoustic super brands nowadays.

It’s like Fender and Gibson in the world of the electric guitars.

At least this is my personal humble opinion.


Are Saga Guitar Kits Good?

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Saga Guitar Kit TC-10
Are Saga Guitar Kits Good?

In just few words the answer is -Yes-.

It really depends on what you are expecting to get from it. As always in this sort of activity.


How to Find Out if It’s All Wood Guitar?

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There are three major categories of the acoustic guitars produced nowadays:

Laminate wood guitars
These are the low end cheap guitars used mostly by beginners.
Laminate is wood in which sheets of wood are layered on top of each other. Usually a thin layer of more expensive wood is placed over several layers of cheaper wood.


Norman B15 “Slider”

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/wp-content/uploads/2012/07/b15_1.png” alt=”Norman B15 for sliding” title=”b15_1″ width=”300″ height=”230″ align=”right” valign=”top” />

Originally the Norman B15 is a regular not expensive acoustic guitar. Not more nor less. But the one I’ve found in Kijiji was claimed to be modified specially for the slide playing. And my temptation became even stronger when I’ve found that the offer was 3 times less then the money invested into this instrument. The final kick was the sound. It was mellow and just great!

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