“DIY” Android Tripod

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All the guitar players (and not only them) sooner or later are trying to make the video clip of their own.
Either for the Youtube so just for fun.
And nowadays the smartphone cameras have such a quality that you might prefer to use it instead of the price video cam.
You can even make a full HD recording using the majority of the modern smartphones.

Now, the first question: “Why to make your own tripod when you can by a cheap one on eBay?”
Well, and what if you already bought something cheap on eBay and it didn’t work?
So, here’s the story.

1. Rotating Car Air Vent Mount Holder.

Car Air Vent Mount Holder
Car Air Vent Mount Holder

I bought this one on the eBay.ca just for $4.
I wanted to replace my old heavy Tomcat GPS.
But it has turned that way that to the moment of the delivery I had to change my car. Which has the GPS on board.
Therefore, this holder was not needed any more.

2. Photography Mini Portable Tripod.

Mini Desktop Video Cam Tripod
Mini Desktop Video Cam Tripod

Remember I said earlier that I wanted to make video clips and needed a tripod?
At the beginning I took the wrong path.
I have an old 8mm video camera.
So firstly I have ordered this Photography Mini Portable Tripod on eBay just for $1.5 (Free (!) shipping).
And I’ve got what I’ve paid for: a small tiny plastic desktop… missing an even more tiny part – the mounting screw.
On my complaint about the missing part I’ve got… Guess what? Full refund. 🙂
Well, another useless thing in my jar.
And what’s more, I have realized to this moment that it’s probably better to use the modern smartphone camera.


3. Solution: Combining Parts.

Therefore, I had to get the tripod for the smartphone. I’m sure I could find plenty of them online.
But what if I use these 2 “useless” things?

car air vent mount holder
Car vent mount holder dismantled.

So I dismantled the clip peace of the Rotating Car Air Vent Mount Holder.
As you may see on this image There are three separated parts: the holder itself (left), the holder support (middle) and the vent mount clip (right).
– the last one has to be thrown away, I don’t need it.
– the holder support has a screw . That’s what I will use to attach the holder to the tripod.
– and the holder itself will go on the support as it goes usually.



So the following 2 images represent the resulting combination:

Android Holder Support
Holder support Mounted on tripod
The holder mounted on the tripod
The holder mounted on the tripod








4. Final Result: Android Tripod.
And finally here’s how the Android Tripod looks like with the smartphone (LG Nexus 5) mounted on it:
And finally.
This post is not the invitation to do the same.
After all you have to buy “something useless” first to reproduce my idea. 🙂
It’s just a demonstration of how, sometimes unexpectedly, you can give the second life to the “useless” things.

So, be creative and have fan!

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