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Page: Stomp Box From Post-it Holder.

That’s why I like to build DIY guitar things!
And particularly the stomp boxes.
In my world the term ‘Stomp Box’ means a thing under your foot which you hit rythmically.
And NOT the guitar effects devices.
But back to the subject.
When I have made the CBG Stomp Box and then later the P-Bass Stomp Box I have realized that I need to put something under the side of the stomp box in order to rise up the opposite side. So the kick of the toe is not causing the box jumping.
That fact had leaded me to the search of some item which already has the top surface inclined.
And, BUMP! I’ve found it!
It’s an absolutely useless souvenir from our office stuff supplier: a post-it paper holder:Post-It Holder

I don’t want to say it’s totally useless. But this one is way too big and takes too much space on my office desk.

Anyway. As you can see it has a nicely curved top. And while it’s too big on the desk it perfectly fits under my foot. 🙂


That’s one advantage.

The other one was hidden under the lid.

Obviously it has sort of a plastic button backed with the spring so it always pushes the post-it paper up to the lid.

No need to say that I used this button to mount my sensor upon it:post-it stomp box opened

As you can see on the image I was using the cut out head phone from the old telephone head set on the double sided adhesive mounting tape.

I also had to cut out some foundation part (on the left from the head phone) just to have enough room for the input jack. Feel free to click on the image to see the details.

I also put some one side adhesive mounting tape underneath  the top lid to have a buffer between two plastic surfaces. Otherwise you’ll have some horrible cranky-scratchy sound instead of the usual foot drum sound.

So, here you go: Post-It Stomp Box:

Post-It Stomp Box

After all, if people make DIY guitars from all sorts of things like shovels, gas canisters etc., then why not to make the stomp boxes from the office equipment. Right?

Have a nice day.

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