SX Lap 1 NA Electric Steel Guitar (Gone)

SX Lap 1 NA Electric Steel Guitar.
This was mostly an impulsive purchase.
At that time I was inspired with the artistry of Kelly Joe Phelps and Harry Manx.
Both are exceptional slide players.
For those who are new to the subject this type of instruments has the string spacing around 3/8″.
Which makes the standard playing impossible.
The only way you can play is by using the specially shaped metal bar.

Here’s the guitar demo:

It’s pretty nice piece for it’s very affordable price. I’ve got one from the local music store for around $200.

Later I’ve found way lower prices at Rondo Music but it was too late and actually the shipping price was almost covering the difference.
What can I say?
Two problems:
1. Minor. The pickup was very noisy. But this issue could be easily solved by (a) upgrading the pickup or (b) just by  shielding the pickup hole.

2. The metal lid which covers the bridge  is making the strings replacement a torture! Unless you just dismantle it.

But! All the controls in my model were also mounted on this lid!

Take a look:

So every time I had to make a string replacement! I’ve heard that they have fixed this issue in the later models separating the controls. But that’s was not my case. Sorry.

As it happens to the impulsive purchases very often I’ve realized that this guitar is not for me.

Firstly because it is more suitable for  country and bluegrass style than for my favorite delta blues.

And secondly because of the problem with the string replacement.

I decided to let it go just for as low as $100.

Amazingly I’ve got the trade offer from the guy who offers Canadian Godin LG Electric Guitar (1997) with the Zak Wilde autograph on it.

At the beginning I refused the offer considering it not fair: cheap Chinese slide guitar for the instrument of considerable quality plus with the collection value. But the guy insisted saying that he is really missing the lap steel guitar.

So I gave up with pleasure. 🙂

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