Rockstand 7 guitar stand: a real space saver.

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Rockstand 7
It took me a couple of years to figure out what I’m missing in my basement.
The right guitar stand. Imagine you are practicing and want to switch the instrument? Right. You have to go to another corner to find the right bag, to open it, to get another guitar, to put the previous one back in place safely…

Well. And it took me another year to find the right solution.

Finally I did it! Rockstand 7 guitar stand!

And while I have already around 15 guitars (Strange, never can figure out how many exactly do I have) it’s more than enough to have 7 instruments right by your hand.Stupid, but I’m feeling happy. 🙂

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One Comment

  1. So, you have the stomping sound when you tap the box with the pickup, right?
    Did you notice that I also have shielded the box inside with the self-adhesive aluminium foil?
    That’s how I fight the static feedback.
    Of course the best solution is a copper foil. But it’s a bit more expensive.
    Even though you might still have the feedback sound. Another tip: try to rotate it horizontally to find the position with the less of the static noise.
    It also depends on your amp orientation and the distance between both.

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