About Me and Homemade Guitars

Discovering Homemade Guitars: A Musical Odyssey

Hey there! I’m Serge, a proud Canadian on a harmonious journey that revolves around music, life’s adventures, and the enchanting world of homemade guitars.
Well, not only homemade but also travel guitars and cigar box guitars and … any guitars, I would say.

Me and Homemade Guitars

Strumming Through Memory Lane: The Early Days

Picture this: once upon a time, I was the rhythmic heartbeat of a school band, lost in the tunes of my first love—music. Then life unfolded—jobs, a life partner, and the pitter-patter of little feet orchestrating the soundtrack of my days. My beloved hobby took a back seat. Ring any bells?

Chasing Melodies Through Time: The Vanishing Act of My First Guitar

Somewhere in the symphony of life, my first guitar, a dainty 6-string acoustic gift from my beloved aunt, disappeared into the mists of time. I was a mere 12-year-old, blissfully unaware of life’s twists that would momentarily stray from my musical path.

A Nostalgic Resonance: The Aria Acoustic Revival

Fast forward to a chapter where the kids have spread their wings, leaving behind an echo of emptiness. It was then that I decided to rekindle the old flame. Enter the Aria acoustic guitar—a budget-friendly ticket to a nostalgia trip. Playing it felt like a joyous reunion with my musical roots.

Harmonizing with a Kindred Spirit: The Birth of Jam Sessions

Enter a kindred spirit, another soul entwined with the irresistible pull of guitar melodies. Our jam sessions became a regular affair, and amid those harmonies, the idea of a new guitar began to strum its way into my thoughts.

Crafting Soundscapes: The Inception of Homemade Guitars

No guitar virtuoso, the idea of splurging on a top-tier instrument felt a tad excessive, even psychologically. And so, the seed of a new venture took root—I would craft my own guitar. Thus began my first project on the homemade guitars field, a “Tele,” not just a musical companion but a testament to the joy of creating something with your own hands.

Strings of Life: Navigating Homemade Guitars Adventures

Embark on this journey with me as I dance between the chords of life, weaving melodies and sawdust into the tapestry of my DIY guitar adventures. Let’s see where the strings take us, exploring the harmonies of DIY Guitars in every note and every crafted piece.


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