My Guitar Collection: A Harmony of Strings

My Guitar Collection


Welcome to the soulful world of my guitar collection, where each instrument tells a unique story through its strings. They are like close friends or even relatives. As a passionate guitarist and collector, I’ve curated a diverse assembly of guitars, each possessing its own distinctive charm and character. Join me on a musical journey as I introduce you to the stars of my collection.



Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar:

The Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar in my collection is the result of my passion for travel guitars ( Its compact size doesn’t compromise on sound quality, making it the perfect travel buddy for impromptu jam sessions under the stars. Whether strumming by the campfire or serenading the sunset, the Amigo AMT10 never fails to captivate.

Angelus Model 19:

The Angelus Model 19 is a classic beauty that resonates with timeless elegance. Crafted with precision and passion, this guitar embodies the perfect blend of aesthetics and functionality. Its rich tones and smooth playability make it a go-to choice for intimate acoustic performances.

Black Strat:

The Black Strat exudes a sense of mystery and sophistication. As a tribute to one of the most iconic guitars in rock history, this instrument pays homage to the legendary David Gilmour. Its sleek design and versatile sound allow me to explore a wide range of musical genres, from bluesy licks to soaring solos.

Epiphone MD-100 Steel Guitar:

The Epiphone MD-100 Steel Guitar brings a touch of country charm to my collection. With its resonant steel body and twangy sound, this guitar captures the essence of Americana. Whether playing traditional country tunes or modern folk songs, the Epiphone MD-100 delivers an authentic and heartfelt performance.

Gretsch Dobro Alligator G9240:

The Gretsch Dobro Alligator G9240 is a beast with a bite, unleashing a raw and gritty sound that adds a unique flavour to my repertoire. Its distinctive resonator design and alligator-embossed body make it a visual spectacle, while its powerful tones make it a force to be reckoned with in any musical setting.

Gretch G9500 Limited Edition Jim Dandy, OXBLOOD Guitar:

The Gretch G9500 Limited Edition Jim Dandy, OXBLOOD, is a nod to vintage aesthetics and timeless style. This limited edition gem combines retro flair with modern playability, creating a guitar that stands out both visually and sonically. Its Oxblood finish adds a touch of sophistication to my collection.

Escape MK-II Nylon:

The Escape MK-II Nylon is a versatile addition, offering the warmth of nylon strings and the convenience of a compact design. Ideal for classical melodies or fingerstyle playing, this guitar provides a different sonic palette to explore within my musical journey.

Harmony Stella H929:

The Harmony Stella H929 carries a nostalgic aura, harking back to the golden era of acoustic guitars. Its simplicity and authenticity make it a favourite for unplugged sessions, allowing me to connect with the roots of acoustic music.

Norman B15_Guitar:

The Norman B15, with its Canadian craftsmanship, brings a touch of Northern beauty to my collection. This acoustic wonder boasts a balanced tone and superb playability, making it a reliable companion for both studio recordings and live performances.

Regal Dobro RD40 Guitar:

The Regal Dobro RD40 introduces a touch of blues and folk to my collection. Its resonator cone produces a distinctive metallic twang, making it perfect for slide guitar enthusiasts. The RD40 adds a layer of soulful expressiveness to my musical arsenal.

Saga TC-10:

Last but not least, the Saga TC-10 completes my collection with its electric flair. This guitar is a versatile workhorse, capable of handling a range of genres from rock to jazz. Its sleek design and powerful pickups make it a go-to choice for electrifying performances.


In the symphony of my guitar collection, each instrument plays a unique role, contributing to a harmonious blend of tones and textures. From the intimate melodies of the Angelus Model 19 to the raw energy of the Black Strat, each guitar tells a story that resonates with my musical journey. As I continue to explore new sounds and genres, my collection remains a testament to the diversity and beauty found within the world of guitars. Join me in celebrating the artistry, craftsmanship, and soulful resonance of these beloved instruments.

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