Angelus Model 19

Angelus Model 19

Unveiling the Angelus Model 19: My 2017 Acquisition

In 2017, I made the delightful acquisition of this particular guitar, Angelus Model 19, which has maintained its excellent condition over the years. Even the neck of the guitar retains its impeccable straightness, and the action – the responsiveness of the strings to the player’s touch – is flawlessly precise. Consequently, it has become a true gem within my cherished collection of musical instruments.

Crafting Excellence: Angelus Manufacturing in the 1930s

Harking back to the 1930s, the Angelus Manufacturing Company crafted the Angelus Model 19 guitars. This distinguished company, situated in the United States, earned acclaim for its production of instruments characterized by their superior craftsmanship and sound quality.

Model 19's Heyday: Popularity and Musical Versatility

The Model 19 guitar achieved substantial popularity during its era, renowned for its exceptional tonal qualities and remarkable ease of play. It catered to a broad spectrum of musicians, from accomplished professionals to aspiring novices, finding its melodic place within an array of musical genres encompassing country, blues, and jazz.

Construction Wonders: Tonewood Harmony of Model 19

One of the model’s most distinctive attributes lay in its construction. A solid spruce top combined harmoniously with mahogany back and sides, synergizing to create a resonant and warm auditory experience. The neck, meticulously hewn from mahogany, featured an alluring rosewood fingerboard that offered a seamless and gratifying playing surface.

Size and Sound: The Allure of Model 19's Proportions

Size constituted another distinguishing facet of Model 19. Its diminutive proportions rendered it a comfortable choice for individuals with smaller hands, without compromising on the richness of its sound. This paradoxical blend of compactness and sonorous depth rendered it a favoured option among musicians of varying skill levels.

Timeless Legacy: Angelus Model 19 in the Present Day

In summation, the Angelus Model 19 guitar epitomized superlative craftsmanship and sound excellence during its heyday. In the present day, it garners recognition as a coveted item among collectors, highly sought-after by those who hold a passion for guitars. Its distinct design and resonant tonality ensure its perpetual status as an adored choice among both musicians and connoisseurs, perpetuating its legacy of melodic brilliance.

This gem became the fourth Dobro-style guitar in my humble collection, additionally to: