Regal Dobro RD40: A Gentle Symphony Of The Blues.

Introduction to RD40:

Elevating my blues experience to new heights, I stumbled upon the Regal Dobro RD40 on eBay. Intrigued by its potential, I embarked on a musical journey with this resonator guitar, discovering its strengths and uncovering opportunities for enhancement. 

Regal Dobro RD-40

Body of RD40:

1. Visual Appeal and Initial Impressions:

The RD40 boasts a laminated construction, but for resonator guitars, it’s all about the sound. The headstock’s intricate inlay immediately caught my eye, adding a touch of regality to the instrument.

2. Sonic Elegance of RD40:

The RD40 delivered a beautiful sound that resonated with my blues preferences. However, as any musician knows, there’s always room for improvement. My quest for sonic perfection led me to explore potential upgrades.

3. Exploring Upgrade Possibilities:

With the belief that a resonator guitar can always be fine-tuned, I began my journey to enhance the RD40. One avenue was investigating resonator cone options, seeking that elusive upgrade that could elevate the instrument’s tonal quality.

4. Unveiling a Defect:

elving deeper into the instrument’s anatomy, I decided to inspect the tightness of the cone against the deck lip of the resonator hole. To my dismay, I discovered caverns on the lip surface, posing a potential hindrance to the guitar’s overall quality and power.

5. The Luthier's Touch:

Recognizing my lack of expertise and proper tools, I entrusted the RD40 to a skilled luthier. Their craftsmanship proved invaluable as they addressed the defects, ensuring a snug fit of the cone against the resonator hole’s deck lip. The result? A dramatic improvement in sound quality.

6.Redesigned for Excellence:

The official description of the RD40 reveals its professional-grade redesign, drawing inspiration from the California resonators of the ’30s. The Power Reflex sound chamber, spruce top, and mahogany body contribute to increased volume and unparalleled tone.

7. Intricate Details:

The multi-ply ivoroid bound body, abalone/mother-of-pearl peghead inlay, and chrome-plated hardware showcase the instrument’s attention to detail. Sealed die-cast tuners provide stability, ensuring the guitar is stage-ready for any blues performance.


Dobro guitar. Regal RD40

In the pursuit of sonic perfection, my Regal Dobro RD40 journeyed from initial admiration to a refined, enhanced state. Unveiling and addressing defects, collaborating with a skilled luthier, and exploring upgrade possibilities allowed me to unlock the true potential of this resonator guitar, making it an indispensable companion for my blues endeavours.

Update: This was my first Dobro. Now I also have:

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