Is The Escape MK-II Nylon Right For You?

Introduction to Escape MK-II

Escape Travel MK-IIWell, about Escape MK-II Nylon:I’ve had two guitars on my wish list for quite some time. First and foremost, the timeless allure of an acoustic classic guitar, which I had owned in the past. That distinct feeling of the nylon strings beneath your fingertips is truly special. The second dream was more pragmatic—a guitar that could accompany me wherever I go, a true traveller’s companion. Today, both dreams have materialized unexpectedly, presenting themselves as a beautiful occasion with the introduction of the Escape Escape MK-II Nylon.

I initially posted an ad on, seeking a more budget-friendly model, only to stumble upon this pearl—the Escape MK-II.

Let's look into the official manufacturer overview of Escape MK-II:

The Escape MK-II stands out as the most sophisticated full-scale acoustic/electric classical travel guitar available. Boasting an ergonomic body co-designed by John Carruthers, a full 25 ½”-scale neck with a non-radiused fingerboard, and an L.R. Baggs Custom Element-Hybrid pickup system, this guitar is equipped with an onboard headphone preamp, allowing you to plug in your headphones and play anywhere. The MK-II even comes with a deluxe gig bag and conveniently fits into airline overhead compartments.

Traveler Escape MK-II. Comparing the sizeTo offer you a glimpse of its size, I’ve placed the Escape MK-II alongside my Godin LG:
The reduction in size is achieved through a non-standard construction decision—the headstock with the tuning pegs embedded into the body—and a minimized body length.

Now, let's talk about the sound of Escape MK-II:

Without headphones or an amp, the MK-II produces minimal sound due to its compact solid wood body and nylon strings. This can be advantageous; you can practice and watch TV simultaneously without disturbing your family.

However, when plugged in, you may notice an interesting nuance. Not only do the strings resonate, but every touch and movement of your hands on the instrument gets amplified. It’s the trade-off for the excellent piezo pickup, especially if you’re accustomed to electric guitars. Yet, with time, you’ll grow to appreciate it.

Speaking of the pickup and preamp:

Traveler Escape MK-II. Pre-amp

The L.R. Baggs Custom Element-Hybrid pickup system with onboard headphone preamp incorporates an under-saddle pickup and an embedded preamp. The preamp features a switch for using it with headphones or an amp. Although my experience with this compact marvel is limited, I’m inclined to believe that the combination of guitar and headphones surpasses the guitar-amp duo—after all, that’s what a travel guitar is designed for, right?

Rest assured, I’ll keep you posted if my perspective on this changes.

And before we conclude, here’s a glimpse of the tuning machine from the back.

Traveler Escape MK-II

The tuning machine, a crucial component of the Escape MK-II, features a distinctive design contributing to the guitar’s compact dimensions. Unlike traditional configurations, the tuning pegs and headstock are ingeniously embedded into the body. This non-standard construction decision not only enhances the guitar’s aesthetic appeal but also plays a key role in achieving the overall reduction in size. By incorporating the tuning machine into the body, the Escape MK-II attains a sleek and space-efficient profile, further emphasizing its suitability as a travel companion. It’s a thoughtful detail that adds both functionality and visual intrigue to this exceptional instrument.

In conclusion,

the Escape MK-II Nylon stands as a testament to the harmonious fusion of innovation and musical craftsmanship. From its ergonomic design to the unique tuning machine construction, every detail is carefully considered to offer a sophisticated and travel-friendly acoustic experience. Whether you’re a seasoned player or a music enthusiast on the go, the Escape MK-II invites you to explore a world where superior sound meets portability.

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