CBG – Cigar Box Guitars:

I decided to separate the CBG projects from the regular guitar projects.

There is one big reason for that.

When you build any Strat, Tele or LP project you have to follow the standards, sizes, shapes etc.
Otherwise you will have the “compatibility” problems. Let’s say you have found good (and cheap!) neck for Strat.
Then you’ll have to find/make the body which will comply with the Strat standards in order to fit.

And absolutely different thing is the CBG projects.
When I build a cigar box guitar I pursue two goals:

  • to build a UNIQUE instrument;
  • to have expenses close to $0 using some things in my attic or basement which are “ready for the disposal”

And it’s a special pleasure to learn something from the process and even invent something for yourself.
(Please check out my article about “DIY CBG Pickup”.)

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