Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar

Amigo AMT10

The Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar emerges as a compact, portable option for musicians on the go, designed with the flexibility of amigo travel in mind, and available at a budget-friendly price of $90 (to the moment of purchase. July 2012). Crafted in Romania, this mini travel model distinguishes itself with a unique teardrop pear-like shape that ensures accessibility to all frets, while the all-pine body delivers a bright, acceptable sound despite its small size. However, potential players should note the high original action, which might necessitate modifications for enhanced playability.
Offering ease of transportation thanks to its included nylon carry bag, the Amigo AMT10 is an ideal companion for travellers who wish to carry their music wherever they journey. The guitar’s distinct design, coupled with its portability, positions it as a suitable choice for those seeking a travel-friendly instrument. With an average rating of 4.0 out of 5 stars from global users, its appeal to a wide audience underscores the balance it strikes between functionality and affordability.
I always had a dream to have the guitar which I always have with me and at the same time, I wouldn’t be stressed out about its safety.
So if it’s stolen from the trunk or back seat I wouldn’t scream in despair.
Comparing it to alternatives like the Martin Steel String Backpacker Travel Guitar, the Amigo’s combination of affordability and aesthetics won me over. However, upon closer inspection, I found myself less than impressed with certain aspects of its performance.
But I believe the low price and nice look did the trick.

Design and Build Quality

  • The Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar is crafted with a braced Spruce top and Mahogany sides and back, providing a robust foundation for sound quality, durability and a pleasing aesthetic.
  • Design Features:
    • A distinctive teardrop pear-like shape not only makes the guitar lightweight and easy to carry but also reduces its size and weight for enhanced portability.
    • It accommodates both steel and nylon strings, offering flexibility in sound and play style to suit various musical preferences.
    • The string-through bridge design is preferred by some for its ease of use and maintenance over traditional bridge pegs.
  • Customization and Usability:
    • The absence of a logo on the headstock provides space for personal customization, allowing musicians to make the instrument truly their own.
    • However, the lack of a truss rod might pose a challenge in setting up the guitar, requiring more effort for optimal playability.


When assessing the playability of the Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar, several key factors come into play, impacting the user experience for musicians:

  1. Initial Setup and Adjustments:
    • The guitar’s action, or the height of the strings above the fretboard, is notably high out of the box, necessitating adjustments for optimal playability. This includes filing down the bridge saddle and adjusting the nut, which is not well set, causing sharp sounds and requiring players to overpress the strings on the lowest notes.
    • The lack of a truss rod complicates the guitar setup, making it more challenging to achieve the desired action and playability.
  2. Playing Comfort and Handling:
    • The unique shape of the Amigo AMT10, while distinctive, can cause confusion and handling issues, with some mistaking it for a mandolin. This shape also makes the guitar neck heavy and difficult to hold without support, often requiring a strap for stability. However, a strap is not included, and users may need to purchase a banjo/acoustic guitar loop adaptor for strap compatibility.
  3. User Experiences:
    • Despite these initial setup and handling challenges, the guitar stays in tune well and has a good neck and fingerboard feel, akin to a regular electric guitar. User experiences vary, with some finding the action too high and requiring modifications, while others are satisfied with the default setup.

These factors highlight the importance of considering both the initial adjustments and the physical handling of the guitar when evaluating its playability.

Sound Quality

Evaluating the sound quality of the Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar reveals a mix of opinions, though there’s a consensus on its unique tonal characteristics:

  • Volume and Clarity:
    • Reviewers often express surprise at the guitar’s volume, describing the sound as “louder than expected” for its size.
    • Despite its compact form, the Amigo AMT10 delivers a “surprisingly rich and loud tone,” which many find appealing for a travel guitar.
  • Tonal Quality:
    • The sound is frequently characterized as “bright” due to the guitar’s size and shape, contributing to its distinctiveness among travel guitars.
    • Some users compare the sound quality to an “old speaker from the ’40s or ’50s,” noting a “compressed and tinny” nature, which, while unique, may not suit all musical tastes.
  • Comparisons and Value:
    • The tonal output has been likened to that of a mandolin or banjo, offering a “tinny but manageable” experience.
    • Despite some reports of tuning stability and sound quality issues, the guitar is generally considered a good value for its price, especially for those seeking a distinctive, travel-friendly instrument.

These insights highlight the Amigo AMT10’s sound as a key factor in its appeal, offering a unique auditory experience that complements its portability and design.

Portability and Convenience

The Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar stands out for its portability and convenience, making it an excellent choice for musicians on the move. Here are some key aspects:

  • Portability Features:
    • Scale and Accessories: The guitar boasts a 24″ scale, enhancing its compactness, and comes with a carry bag for easy transportation.
    • Lightweight Design: Its lightweight nature allows for effortless carrying, whether you’re travelling or camping, ensuring your musical journey is never burdened by unnecessary weight.
    • Storage Simplicity: Due to its size and weight, storing the Amigo AMT10 in the trunk or back seat of a car is worry-free, offering peace of mind regarding safety during travel.
  • Convenience Enhancements:
    • Strap Compatibility: While the guitar does not include a strap, it is compatible with one through a banjo/acoustic guitar loop adapter, allowing for easier handling and playability.
    • Online Availability: Exclusively available for order online, ensuring you can secure this travel-friendly guitar from anywhere, although it lacks the option for curbside pickup.
  • Considerations for Comfort: Despite its travel-friendly design, the guitar’s unique shape and neck-heavy build may not rest comfortably on the leg, which could affect playability during extended use.

Price and Value for Money

The Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar’s affordability and value for money are significant factors in its appeal to a wide range of musicians. Here’s a breakdown of its pricing and value:

  • Pricing Variability:
    • The guitar’s price ranges from as low as $59.99, including free shipping, to a higher tag of $158.00, though it can be out of stock at this price point.
    • A middle ground can be found at $128.99, which includes a nylon carry bag, adding to its value.
  • Payment Flexibility:
    • Purchasers can benefit from a 0% APR offer through Affirm, making it easier to afford without immediate full payment.
    • Various payment methods are supported, including PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard, ensuring flexibility for buyers.
  • Customer Perception:
    • Despite the price variations, the guitar is often described as a ‘cheap guitar’ in customer reviews, suggesting its affordability.
    • Its high customer rating of 4.5 based on reviews indicates satisfaction with the value provided.

This pricing strategy, coupled with the guitar’s portability and design, positions the Amigo AMT10 as an attractive option for travellers and musicians seeking a companion for their musical journeys without breaking the bank.

Conclusion and Overall Recommendation

Throughout this exploration, the Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar has proven itself as an exceptional companion for musicians on the move, skillfully balancing portability with sound quality and affordability. Its distinctive design and construction offer a unique playing experience, while adjustments and customizations enable a personal touch for optimal playability. The guitar’s appeal resonates with those seeking to blend travel with musical exploration, underscored by positive user experiences despite initial setup requirements. The overall value presented by the Amigo AMT10, coupled with its functional and aesthetic appeal, solidifies its position as a worthwhile investment for both amateur and seasoned musicians alike.

The guitar’s journey from a mere concept to a celebrated travel-friendly instrument highlights the importance of innovation in music. Its design, tailored towards mobility and convenience, encourages musicians to bring their passion for music wherever they go, without compromise. The Amigo AMT10’s well-rounded attributes—ranging from its sound quality to its affordability—underscore the significance of having a reliable musical partner on the road. For those inspired to own a versatile and portable guitar that promises to keep the music alive on all your adventures, don’t hesitate to buy your guitar now.

This commitment to music, mobility, and quality ensures that the Amigo AMT10 Travel Guitar remains a distinguished choice for those looking to make music an integral part of their travels.


Q: Is it more difficult to play a travel guitar compared to a full-sized guitar? 

A: While travel guitars have a smaller body and narrower neck, which may feel different, they are often designed with playability and comfort in mind. For individuals with smaller hands, travel guitars can actually make it easier to handle chords and frets.

Q: Are travel guitars suitable for children? 

A: Yes, travel guitars are excellent for children. Their small size and light weight make them convenient for kids to carry and play on the go. Instruments like the Yudelele travel guitar are perfect for young musicians to practice their music wherever they are.

Q: Is it possible to bring a guitar on an airplane as a carry-on item? 

A: Yes, you can transport your guitar on a plane as carry-on luggage.