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Cigar Box Stomp Box Wiring

Every time I check how people find my site on the Internet I always check the most popular keywords. And in most of cases the winner was this one: “wiring for cigar box guitar stomp box”. Or something similar. Funny, but looks like people are mostly interested in building the stomp boxes rather then cigar […]

DIY Harp Mic.

Recently I started some sort of cleaning in my basement. I have collected too many electronic devices which are obsolete. Telephones, CD players etc. And TONS of power supplies! Much more then the devices. Because when some device gets broken and I just put it into recycling bin. But I ALWAYS keep the power supply […]

Diddley Bow.

I know, I know. It’s not a real instrument. But: It’s a lot of fun for me personally. – When you take a stick and an old string, and some magnet and few meters of wire… and you make it sound like a hell. Well, that’s fun! 🙂 You can do a lot of quick […]

Cigar Box Ukulele exercise.

This is about another “leftover” project. Time by time, while shopping for the cigar boxes I collect the small boxes if they are nice looking and free (my favourite price). I also had 3 tuning pegs and a 2′ poplar plank which left from the 6′ plank used in P-Bass Cigar Box Project It’s not […]