CBA – Cigar Box Amp for CBG.


I had this idea for a long time. So long that I started to notice that some other CBG hobbyists started to make them. The guitar amplifiers made from the cigar boxes – cigar box amp. 

And my idea is to build a very basic SMALL amp which can operate on a 9V battery.

So, here what I had for this project:

Small Cohiba cigar box: from some point of time my local cigar stores started to give away the cigar boxes if the are smaller than a certain size.


2 Watt speaker from the old computer audio system:



Cigar Box Ukulele exercise.

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This is about another “leftover” project.
Time by time, while shopping for the cigar boxes I collect the small boxes if they are nice looking and free (my favourite price).
I also had 3 tuning pegs and a 2′ poplar plank which left from the 6′ plank used in P-Bass Cigar Box Project

It’s not enough for another cigar box guitar. Mostly about the small sizes. So I decided to build something small. Ukulele. Cigar Box Ukulele. That’s how I named it.
Firstly I just have put all those three components together. And here’s what I’ve got.
Cigar Box Ukulele
And I still have a very strange feeling that I should of been stopped at this step.
I even know now why. But that’s later.

So I had proceeded making it electric. At the same time I was experimenting with DIY CBG pickup.
As a result, here’s how the instrument face looks like:
Cigar Box Ukulele: Frontend

Looks quite busy. Right?

And the worst of all is the ugly hole for the pickups.
There was a reason behind this issue. Originally I was going to make the pickups from the ferromagnetic buttons that you may find in many of the fridge magnets. But they are weaker and bigger in size. So I’ve ended up with the neodimium magnets from the old broken headsets. Read this for more details…
And that’s what making me think that I’d better left this ukulele just an acoustic thing.

DIY Pickup in 4 Easy Steps.


Here is my way to make Cigar Box guitars pickups.

1. Get a sewing bobbing.
You are lucky if you have a sewing machine at home.
That means that you should have plenty of small bobbin around it. Or inside it.
The worst case scenario (which is my case) you may buy them by $1 for a half-dozen in Walmart.


Cigar Box Guitar Neck: which sort of the wood?


Hi_there.. I’m starting another project. This time it will be CBG – Cigar Box guitar.
Why CBG?

Cigar Box fro Honduras

Cigar Box

Honestly I’ve found myself got tired of making the endless clones of the famous brands, mostly Fender Stratocaster or Fender Telecaster.
there are 2 lessons I’ve got from this experience:
1. Once you build another clone it has not enough personality.
It still will be Strat or Tele. No matter what color or parts you choose.
2. You will NEVER build really COOL guitar clone if you are a hobbyist like me.
You have to have very expensive equipment and tools (and LOTS of your time!) to make a really valuable instrument.
It is possible if you choose the making of the guitars as your business.
But this is certainly NOT my path.

And the last statement before I switch to the subject.
The CBG is your creature “from head to toe”.
The sky is the limit to your creativity!
Just google the “cigar box guitar” to get an idea of the variety in this world.

So I’ve bought very nice Honduras made cigar box strong enough to be a future CBG. Only $5. 🙂

And now about the cigar box guitar neck.
As we all know the maple is always the best choice for the guitar neck. But before making this choice ask yourself: do you have REALLY good tools to work with the maple?
Don’t do the same mistake as I once did. The maple is a hell to work with! Of course, if you dont have the right tools.
Well, when I had failed with the maple I decided to go with pine.
It’s really “easy to work on”.

That’s what I’ve got from it.
Don’t repeat my SECOND mistake. The pine is TOO SOFT.

Poplar CBG neck.

CBG Neck from poplar

So, after some research and consideration I’ve found that
the most suitable wood in my case is a POPLAR.
It is strong enough not to bend under the strings tension.
And at the same time it’s quite easy to work with.