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Is The Furch Little Jane Guitar Right For You?

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Furch Little JaneThe Furch Little Jane guitar is a unique proposition for musicians on the go. This travel-sized wonder boasts a surprising amount of quality in a compact, deconstructable design. But is the Little Jane all it’s cracked up to be? This in-depth review will delve into its features, sound, and playability, and answer the question: is the Furch Little Jane the right guitar for you?

Furch Little Jane Specifications:

  • Body: Solid Sitka spruce top, Indian rosewood (or other tonewood options) back and sides
  • Neck: Mahogany neck with slim “C” profile, ebony fingerboard
  • Scale Length: 24.75″ (short scale)
  • Frets: 18 frets
  • Nut: PLEK-cut bone nut (43mm width)
  • Bridge: Ebony bridge with a string-through design
  • Tuners: Furch open-gear tuners with black buttons
  • Electronics (Optional): LR Baggs Anthem pickup system
  • Finish: Open pore or high-gloss finish options
  • Case: Gig bag included
Furch Little Jane

Unveiling the Furch Little Jane: Design and Build Quality

The first impression of the Furch Little Jane is undeniably positive. The guitar exudes a sense of quality with its flawless craftsmanship and beautiful tonewoods. Furch utilizes a unique neck-folding mechanism that allows the instrument to disassemble into a compact package that easily fits into a backpack. Assembly and disassembly are surprisingly quick and simple, taking only a minute or two.
Despite its travel-friendly size, the Little Jane doesn’t feel like a toy guitar. The solid wood construction lends it a reassuring heft, and the open-pore or high-gloss finish options add a touch of elegance. The neck, with its slim “C” profile, feels comfortable in hand, and the ebony fingerboard is smooth and inviting.

The Furch Little Jane Sings: Sound and Playability

Here’s where the Furch Little Jane truly shines. For a travel guitar, the sound is surprisingly full and balanced. The solid wood construction resonates beautifully, offering a rich and warm tone. While the shorter scale length might lead to some concerns about volume, the Little Jane projects surprisingly well, making it perfect for practice sessions, campfire jams, or even small gigs.
The playability of the Little Jane is excellent. The comfortable neck profile and smooth ebony fingerboard make for effortless chording and fingerpicking. The PLEK-cut bone nut ensures perfect string spacing and intonation, while the open-gear tuners provide smooth and accurate tuning.

Furch Little Jane: Pros and Cons


  • Solid wood construction for superior sound quality and durability
  • An ingenious neck-folding mechanism for easy travel
  • Flawless craftsmanship and beautiful finishes
  • Comfortable neck profile and smooth playing surface
  • Rich and warm tone for a travel guitar
  • Surprisingly loud and projecting
  • Excellent playability with a comfortable neck and smooth fingerboard
  • PLEK-cut nut for perfect intonation
  • Compact and easily transported
  • Perfect for travel, practice sessions, or gigs (with optional pickup)


  • Assembly/disassembly may require some practice initially
  • A shorter scale length may take some adjustment for players used to full-size guitars
  • May not be ideal for full-band situations due to its size and volume limitations

The Furch Little Jane on the Road: Gigging and Travel

The Furch Little Jane is a perfect choice for musicians who travel frequently. Its compact size and deconstructable design make it a breeze to take on airplanes, road trips, or any adventure that takes you far from home. Whether you’re practicing in a hotel room, jamming by the campfire, or performing an intimate gig, the Little Jane delivers.

The optional LR Baggs Anthem pickup system further enhances the Little Jane’s gig-worthiness. This system captures the guitar’s natural sound accurately and provides excellent feedback for amplified performances.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Furch Little Jane a good guitar for beginners?
A: Absolutely! The comfortable neck profile, smooth playing surface, and overall user-friendliness make the Little Jane a great choice for beginners. Its portability also makes it perfect for practicing anywhere.

Q: How does the Little Jane sound compared to a full-size guitar?
A: While the Little Jane delivers a surprisingly full and warm tone, there are naturally some sonic differences compared to a full-size guitar. Due to its size, it might lack the low-end punch of a larger instrument. However, for most playing styles, the Little Jane offers an excellent sonic experience.

Q: Is the neck joint on the Furch Little Jane stable?
A: This is a common concern with guitars that disassemble. Furch addresses this by employing a well-engineered neck joint with a tight fit and a secure locking mechanism. Reviews and user experiences consistently praise the stability of the neck joint, ensuring the Little Jane stays in tune and plays smoothly even after multiple assemblies and disassemblies.

Q: Does the Little Jane come with a case?
A: Yes, the Furch Little Jane includes a well-padded gig bag specifically designed for the guitar’s disassembled form. This bag offers adequate protection for travel and storage.

Q: What are the different tonewood options available for the Little Jane?
A: The standard model features a solid Sitka spruce top with Indian rosewood back and sides. However, Furch offers a variety of custom options, including different top woods like cedar or Engelmann spruce, and alternative back and side woods like mahogany or ovangkol. These options can slightly alter the tonal characteristics of the instrument, allowing you to personalize your Little Jane experience.

Q: How much does the Furch Little Jane cost?
A: The price of the Furch Little Jane varies depending on the chosen tonewood options and the inclusion of the LR Baggs Anthem pickup system. The base price starts at around USD 1,000, which positions it as a premium travel guitar.

Who Should Consider the Furch Little Jane?

The Furch Little Jane is an excellent choice for musicians who prioritize portability and quality sound. Here are some ideal candidates:

  • Travelling musicians: The Little Jane’s compact size and deconstructable design make it a dream come true for musicians who travel frequently.
  • Gigging musicians: The Little Jane can easily transition from practice sessions to intimate gigs, especially with the optional pickup system.
  • Apartment dwellers: The Little Jane’s compact size makes it ideal for practicing without disturbing neighbours.
  • Beginners: The user-friendly design, comfortable neck, and portability make the Little Jane a great choice for beginners who want a high-quality instrument to learn on.


The Furch Little Jane – A Big Win for Small Guitars

The Furch Little Jane may not be for everyone, particularly those accustomed to full-size guitars and require a booming stage presence. However, for musicians who prioritize portability and appreciate top-notch craftsmanship, the Little Jane offers a compelling package. This guitar delivers a surprisingly big sound in a small body, making it a true travel companion that unfolds musical adventures wherever you go.

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