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Traveler EG-1 Guitar: Is It The Right Choice?

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Traveler EG-1 Custom Electric Guitar

Intro to the Traveler EG-1 Guitar:

The Traveler EG-1 Custom Electric Guitar is a dream come true for guitarists who crave the power of a full-scale instrument without the hassle of a bulky body. Designed for travel and portability, this compact electric guitar packs a punch with its comfortable neck, versatile sound options, and built-in headphone amp. Whether you’re a seasoned musician on the road or a student seeking a practice companion, the EG-1 Custom offers a unique solution to keeping your musical journey alive, anywhere, anytime.

Unveiling the Traveler EG-1 Guitar: A Closer Look


  • Body: Mahogany (Solid or Semi-Hollow options)
  • Neck: Maple with Ebony fingerboard, 24 ¾” scale
  • Pickups: Single Seymour Duncan Alnico II PRO humbucker
  • Controls: Master volume, tone control, 3-way pickup selector switch
  • Bridge: Tune-o-matic with stopbar tailpiece
  • Hardware: Chrome
  • Electronics: Active with built-in headphone amp, auxiliary input
  • Scale Length: 24 ¾”
  • Weight: 3.8 lbs (Solid Body), 3.5 lbs (Semi-Hollow)
  • Gig Bag Included

Playing the Traveler EG-1 Custom: Feel and Sound


One of the biggest concerns with travel guitars is playability. Thankfully, the EG-1 Custom delivers a surprisingly comfortable experience. The full-scale 24 ¾” neck feels familiar to most guitarists, and the smooth ebony fingerboard allows for effortless fretting. The mahogany body is lightweight without sacrificing a solid feel, making it perfect for extended practice sessions.


The single Seymour Duncan Alnico II PRO humbucker provides a versatile tonal palette. Clean tones sparkle with clarity, while dialing up the gain unlocks a smooth bluesy growl suitable for rock and heavier styles. Don’t underestimate this single pickup – it delivers a surprisingly wide range of sounds that can be further shaped with the tone control.

Built-in Headphone Amp:

A hidden gem of the EG-1 Custom is the built-in headphone amp. This allows for silent practice without sacrificing your sonic experience. Plug in your headphones and crank up the volume without disturbing anyone around you. The headphone amp also features an auxiliary input, letting you jam along to backing tracks or practice lessons directly from your phone or music player.

Traveler EG-1 Guitar Custom: Pros and Cons


  • Ultra-portable: The compact design allows you to take your music anywhere, fitting easily into overhead compartments or backpacks.
  • Full-scale neck: Provides a comfortable playing experience familiar to most guitarists.
  • Versatile sound: Single humbucker delivers a wide range of tones, from clean to distorted.
  • Built-in headphone amp: Silent practice with adjustable volume and auxiliary input for backing tracks.
  • Lightweight: Comfortable to hold for extended playing sessions.
  • Solid build quality: Durable construction ensures the guitar can withstand the rigors of travel.


  • Limited pickup options: Only one humbucker pickup restricts tonal variety compared to guitars with multiple pickups.
  • Smaller body: May feel less resonant compared to a full-sized electric guitar.
  • Price: Compared to some standard electric guitars, the EG-1 Custom might be pricier.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Traveler EG-1 Guitar a good guitar for beginners?

A: The EG-1 Custom can be a good option for beginners who prioritize portability. However, the lack of body resonance might not be ideal for those seeking a full-bodied sound experience.

Q: Can I gig with the Traveler EG-1 Custom?

A: While the EG-1 Custom can be used for small gigs, its compact size might not be ideal for stage presence. Additionally, the single pickup might limit tonal options for complex gigging needs.

Q: Does the EG-1 come in different finishes?

A: Yes, the EG-1 Custom comes in a variety of finishes, including Black, Red, Vintage White, and Natural.

Q: What kind of gig bag does the EG-1 Custom come with?

A: The EG-1 Custom includes a well-padded gig bag for secure storage and transportation.

Traveler EG-1 Guitar: The Final Verdict

The Traveler Guitar EG-1 Custom is a niche product that excels in its specific purpose: providing a full-scale electric guitar experience in a travel-friendly package. Its comfortable neck, versatile sound options, and built-in headphone amp make it a compelling choice for musicians on the go. While the limited pickup options and smaller bodies might deter some players, the overall quality and portability make it a valuable tool for practicing, composing, and performing on the move. Here’s who might benefit most from the EG-1 Custom:

  • Travelling Musicians: Guitarists who tour frequently or spend extended periods away from home will appreciate the convenience of a travel-sized instrument.
  • Students and Professionals: The compact size allows for discreet practice in dorms, apartments, or while on work breaks.
  • Commuters: Take advantage of travel time to practice or compose with the EG-1’s silent practice capabilities.
  • Songwriters and Bedroom Producers: The portability and headphone amp make it ideal for capturing ideas and composing on the go.

Ultimately, the decision to choose the Traveler Guitar EG-1 Custom comes down to your individual needs and priorities. If portability is paramount and you value a comfortable playing experience with a decent range of tones, then the EG-1 Custom is a great travel companion that lets you keep your musical journey thriving, no matter where you roam.
On the final note, I would love to have it. But I already have two Traveler guitars: the Escape MK-II Nylon and the Traveler Speedster. And my humble budget doesnèt let me to have a third one. 🙂

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