“Amigo” Travel Guitar Goes Electric.

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It’s been almost a year ago when I claimed that my “Amigo” travel guitar goes on the wall.
Amigo Travel Guitar
I was not impressed about its tuning ability and too high action.
I still think it has these problems.
But recently I have read a small post at some blog that the guy uses it as a lap style guitar and it worked for him pretty good.
Moreover, the high action turns from minus to plus in this case.
Well, I tried and it worked for me too!

But I always want more. 🙂
I decided to make it electric.
Just because this is the only possibility to achieve really “NASTY” slide guitar sound.
And as you probably know that the most ugly sound comes with a cheap pieso pickup.
Therefore my choice was very predictable.

And I’ve found one on eBay just for $4, free shipping from Hong Kong.
Pieso Pickup
This pickup is built with the idea to avoid any alterations to the guitar.
You just stick it by its self-adhesive surface to your guitar deck and put the attached input jack on a strap pin.
Voila! You are good to go!

Mmm, not my case.
I don’t want it on the top.
And the strap pin is not big enough for something else but the strap.
Remember, the is an extra small travel guitar.

Therefore, I decided to cut the original input jack and replace it with the regular one.
This way I could not avoid to drill my guitar.
But it will look way more professional comparing to mounting the pickup and all the wiring upon the guitar body.

To be continued…

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