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P-Bass Cigar Box Guitar [2]

This is my second Cigar Box.
I call it P-Bass Cigar Box Guitar.
The First One was made few years ago. And all this time I was hoping to find some time for another better version.
P-Bass Cigar Box Guitar
This time I wanted to get real fat and nasty sound from it. So I decided to try the bass pickups. I even reproduced the electrical circuit of the Precision Bass. Well, with “Made in China” parts of course. 🙂 And I have to admit: the sound is really fat. But not as “nasty” as it was expected.
No problem. I just need to play with distortion effects and it will work sooner or later.

For now here is the first sample. The volume is a bit low due to the lack of recording experience. But at least it gives you some impression:

It was an interesting and long journey of building my second Cigar Box guitar. Full of challenges and problem solving. A lot of learning.
And at the endt, I should say I’m almost satisfied with the result; like 90%.
I plan to publish the detailed report in “Projects”. Hopefully sooner than later.:)
So stay tuned.

6 Responses to “P-Bass Cigar Box Guitar [2]”

  1. Anton says:

    That is really a cool sound. Well done, I really like it.

    What is the tuning on the strings ?

    All of the best, from
    Cape Town, South Africa

    1. admin says:

      And sorry for the delay.
      It’s DADF#. You may picture it as 4 upper strings of the Open D tuning.

  2. Kenneth Stevenson says:

    Great sound. Out of the six strings in a pack of six, which ones did you use?

    1. admin says:

      Thank you for the comment.
      At the video I used the 4 thickest (3rd to 6th) strings of the regular D’Addario.
      Because the whole Idea of using the P-Bass pickups was to get some sort of roaring sound.
      Lately I gave it to professional musician to try.
      To his taste it sounded too “bassy”.
      So now I’ve put the 4 thinnest , i.e. 1st to 4th.

  3. Kenneth Stevenson says:

    Very cool, Thanks for the quick reply. I like the bassy sound. That what I am going for in my next build.

  4. John says:

    Hi ..Nice looking guitar that .
    I used ONE p – bass pickup on my build , but even after extensive earthing , it sends out a muffled hissing tail sound inbetween strums while playing .
    Any suggestions , friend .

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