Regal RD-40 Resonator Dobro

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This one is my first Dobro ever. Korean Regal RD-40 Resonator. It’s classified a s an entry level but still I like it very much.

The body is all laminated. But it is not that important as long as the resonator cone itself and other guitart parts are of good enough quality.

On the emotional and spiritual side I like it that much because I started to learn the open D tuning with it inspired by Harry Manx

Read all details about Regal RD-40 Resonator here

BLue JM: meeting after years.

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Today I was pleasantly surprised to see my Blue JM working on the streets of the downtown of Montreal.
My good old friend and amazing street musician Serge (Papillon) was performing the legendary “Stairway to Heaven” at the corner of Ste.-Cathering and Stanley.
Papillon playng on Blue JM.

Here’s a little piece of it that I was able to capture without getting the parking ticket.

This was an “accidental” project as I call it.
I had some spare parts from my tele project.

So I decided to recycle them with minimum of the investment.
Then another small miracle had happen to it when I put everything together. It started to play perfectly without the usual setting up.
No action and no intonation tuning! It just started to shine.

As I said I didn’t plan to make this guitar. It was just funny experience. So when I showed it to Papillon hi liked it so much.
As a result I made him a gift to his jublilee.

It had happened around 2 years ago. So you can emagine my feelings when I saw my baby making a good job.

Here goes the original story about my Blue JM