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Month: September 2012

Pbass Stomp Box?!

And again about stomp boxes AKA foot drums. In my previous article I have shared my experience of making the stomp box. The one in this article was made from the Cohiba small cigar box and the piezo transducer. Of course, there is a lot of different types of the stomp boxes in the Universe. […]

DIY Guitar Pick Punch

Punch your own picks! This post is about some funny device. Well, maybe not just funny but also useful in some extremal situations. Guitar picks are just small pieces of plastic. And let’s admit it, it’s very easy to lose them. Moreover, it usually happens right at the moment when you really need it (impros, […]

Gibson Robot Guitar.

So many things are happening around. The whole rock music industry is heavily relying on the computers. Recording Studio Software gives very impressive and powerful tools in the hands of musicians no matter what level of skills they have. The beginners ca just learn to mix the pre-recorded loops. I personally keep trying to record […]