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Pbass Stomp Box?!

And again about stomp boxes AKA foot drums.
In my previous article I have shared my experience of making the stomp box.
The one in this article was made from the Cohiba small cigar box and the piezo transducer.

Of course, there is a lot of different types of the stomp boxes in the Universe.
They differ by the shape and size but the most important element which makes the amplification is usually about the same:
it’s either piezo transducer or microphone.

I don’t want to describe here the process of getting the better stomp sound.
I tried a mic and it didn’t work so well.

  1. I had to put the piezo dumped with the packing foam.
  2. But the main thing which did the trick was …. bass guitar amplifier! In my case it was SWR LA-10.

So with solving these two critical issues I’ve got quite satisfactory result.

But if you stick to piezo you always have to struggle with the feedback sound effect. More or less.

So it was a great discovery and very bright idea when I have found the following video.
It describes how to make a very cool stomp box from the… PBass pickups!

And it has the volume and tremble controls!
In other words it’s some kind of a bass guitar but without strings.
And what does replace the strings?
Brilliant! The old license plate.
It is metal so when you are tapping it the vibrations are transformed to the sound the same way as from strings.
And it should be no any extensive feedback sound!
The most expensive part of it is a pbass set of pickups.
Guess what? I have ordered them on eBay just for $6.55 with free international shipping from China.
I know, you’d say of “quality”. Agree, it will suck on the bass guitar. But DIY stomp box? C’mon!
Anyway, enjoy the video and I’ll prepare the detailed report when it’s done.

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