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Yes! P-Bass Stomp Box Has Been Arrived!

I did it!
In my previous article I was sharing my impression on the creativity of some guys who invented the way to use the P-Bass pickups as a sound transferring device in the foot drum stomp boxes.
I was so exited about this novelty instrument that decided to make my own thing.

1. The first thing I had to decide is where can I get a P-Bass pickups.
Believe it or not it was,,, Right it was an item on eBay.
$6.5 including shipping from China.

2. The box itself.
That was pretty easy. I always have few spare cigar boxes.
I collect them for some CBG projects like this one.
And again the most suitable box is a Cohiba cigar box.

Primarily I had a crazy idea to set up the full P-Bass wiring including the Volume and Tone controls.
But later I decided that it will be a bit of overhead for such a small box that I currently have.
Moreover, there is a lot of controls that I already have on my amp.
But probably I will do another one later when I’ll have suitable and big enough box for that.

So here you go. My very own Cigar P-Bass Stomp Box.

More detailes on this on this project page

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