“RedNeck Telecaster” Or Red Blood Tele?

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Some time ago I wanted to make a (friendly) joke on the Tele guitars.Redneck Tele Guitar
I had TOO many leftovers from the Tele project.
So I decided to make the “RedNeck Tele” project.

Which meant some sort of mixture between the famous “Tele” thing and sort of the Cigar Box Guitar.
And it was almost accomplished when my family members started to beg: “It’s so many good parts! And you want to wast it on such infamous body?”
Well, I felt really ashamed. That’s why this project was stuck for a long time.
The only missing part in this project was the right body as I wanted to use some sort of the “cigar box”.
So I started to search on eBay for some kind of an affordable body.
And here it is coming!
The beautiful Blood Red Tele Replacement body!

I have found it on the eBay. But the seller appears to be in my close neighborhood!
So I’m going tomorrow to pick up the item.
I’ll keep you posted on this project update.
So stay in touch

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