Cigar Box Guitar: Aesthetics Vs Functionality: Make a Choice

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Debate on Using Expensive Guitar Parts in Cigar Box Guitar.

Few weeks ago there was some interesting discussion in the FB group “Cigar Box Guitar Builders“.

Someone started it with the statement, kind of: “I don’t like the idea of using any expensive guitar parts on cigar box guitars.
Because there were no expensive parts at the time when the first CBGs had been created.
And the creators never had money for these parts. As well as for real instruments.
Actually, this was the point and main reason why cigar box guitars appeared on the edge of the 19th and 20th centuries.”

Mixed Feelings and Personal Perspective.

P-Bass Cigar Box Guitar

On one side I like to browse eBay for really cheap “Made in China” pickups (I remember I bought the standard single coil pickup for just $0.99, free shipping. And it worked well).
It’s an amazing feeling: it looks like a box but sounds like a real electric guitar.
And I believe that it can be real fun: volume control, tone control, pickups switch etc.
I myself have built one and I like it:

The Contradiction of Luxury Cigar Box Guitar Pieces

As I said before there were no electric parts when the first cigar box guitar was invented.
So there is always a feeling of something weird happening in the CBG world when I see a luxury shiny CBG piece with a price tag well over $400.
I repeat I’m not against it.
It just feels not right to me personally.
That’s why I tried to make another instrument, a CB Ukulele.
It looks like this:

Cigar Box Ukulele: Frontend

Components and Details of the CB Ukulele

The only part I had to buy was an input jack. Well, those 2 screened grommets too, but these were the leftovers from another project.
Those 3 pickups-bobbins are handmade. Here are more details on it.

Balancing "Next to Professional" and DIY Fun.

So, yes. It’s fun to make a “next to professional” CBG instrument.
And no. It’s another fun to make some stringed instrument which is built from any garbage at your home.
And it should not be a cigar box. Any suitable box (or can) can be used.

My first CBG was built from a tea box lid and bottom:

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